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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lecture 9 assignment.

1. Do you think that your answers  are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different?
I think my answers are similar to most. I believe that because i am an average individual. I picked 2 average colors, i had an average income, and average answer to cars looks being important to me, i like wild animals over normal because its different, which seems like an average answer as well. So i think many people have the same conclusion as me when it comes down to it.

2. Which questions do you think  would be the most helpful if  one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely?
If you like it more abstract or realistic, bold or frilly, busy or simple, straight or curved, bright or dark colors, and people, animals or objects. You can base your decision making off of everyone of these questions. For example. I like abstract, bold, busy, curved, dark, objects. Just from choosing one of each, you already have a painting.

3. Would this work? Why or why not?
Heck yea it would work, i just explained it. Once you know what people like, you can give them what they really want.

And the survey is filled out right below this post

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